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High Performance/
High Rise

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Single Family/
Low-Rise Multifamily

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High Performance/High Rise

Weather Barrier or Flashing applications utilizing DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied System products.

Air design envelope performance exceeding 65 mph equivalent structural load.

Water design envelope performance exceeding 15 mph equivalent wind-driven rain water infiltration.

Buildings with a total height more than 60 ft. (18.3 m) above grade plane, as defined in the International Building Code.

Exterior sheathing comprised of gypsum or cement-based materials. Primary structure comprised Non-Wood based products, such as: steel, light gage steel, masonry or concrete. NFPA 285 compliance is required for any of the buildings wall assemblies.

Single Family/Low-Rise Multifamily

Single-Family detached one or two-family structures, as well as town house structures.

Building structures less than 5 stories in height in the US and Canada.

Residential-Use buildings less than 6 stories in height and less than sixty feet in height in the US.

Constructed of wood-based structural exterior framing and sheathing of Type V or Type III Construction Exterior sheathing comprised of gypsum or cement-based materials.